Tuesday, October 25, 2011

EOTD: White and Green (Almost Neutral Series)

You may not find white and green to be a particularly "almost neutral" combo, but I am here to convince you otherwise!  The white I used is a pearly, almost gold-esque white (Shiro Cosmetics' Likelike), and the green (Shiro Cosmetics' Link) is not as shimmery or glittery as others I have in my, er, arsenal.
Shiro Cosmetics Likelike (pearly cream), Link (forest green)
Benefit Magic Ink, UD

Green is one of my favorite colors for eye shadow, and I think it may be a little easier to incorporate into softer looks because a lot of greens have a brownish base, especially the olives.  Switch out the white on the lid for a taupe or beige color, and this combo becomes even more wearable.  I will admit that this probably looks more "almost neutral" because the white doesn't stand out too much against my skin.

So, what say you?  Too colorful to be considered "almost neutral," or would you give it a shot?