Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EOTD: Soft Gold and Blue (Almost Neutral Series)

I realized that I do a lot of these "almost neutral but not quite" EOTDs (since it's a basic, everyday look for me) so I decided to do a series, to share the ways I integrate bright colors into more natural looks.
Shiro Cosmetics
Dunsparce (pale gold with purple sparkles), Triforce (shimmery gold), Veran (dark shimmery blue with red sparkles)
Benefit Magic Ink, UD
Binge (navy blue)
I apologize...I think I had the macro feature off.  Either that, or I took this picture while tripping and falling.

This time, I paired dark blue and gold.  Urban Decay's Binge liner is a navy blue, but in the sunlight it looks brighter; whenever I wear blue liner, S. comments on it in some nice boy way.  He says he likes the way it brings a bit of bright color to the look.  I love it when he notices these things :)  Sorry the open eye shot is blurry - I don't know why it came out that way!

Basically, I just change up my outer lid color and the eye liner, but I have a whole slew of neutral inner lid colors - it depends on the day, whether I go for peachy nudes, or brighter golds, or white, or taupes...the combinations are endless!

And because you must see how beautiful Dunsparce is in the sun (again!), here's a closed eye shot in direct morning sun.