Monday, October 17, 2011

Dior Exquis

I made room in my budget for this one, because I love golds in makeup.  And the Dior bottles are pretty.  Yeah.  Let's leave it at that, shall we?  If pressed, I will say that yes, the Dior formula is smooth, easy to apply, and usually opaque in two coats.  But I'm not trying to encourage any purchases, here. *cough*

Dior's holiday polishes all have a gold shimmer in them, and are at counters now.  I looked at all of them and this was my favorite; I picked up Merveille, as well, because it looked like such a festive red.  Now that I have it, though, I'm not convinced that it's entirely unique, so I'm debating whether to keep it or not - I haven't even swatched it.  I just stare at the bottle with an extremely thoughtful expression on my face.  S., wisely, says nothing.

Anyway.  When I bought Exquis, I thought surely there would be a dupe for it - and yes, I bought it anyway. Now that I have it, though, I can't think of anything.  Can you?
Two coats of Exquis + Zoya top coat; no flash.  It's a kind of khaki, olive, something, and flashes gold in lights.

Photo taken with flash.  The formula is smooth and easy to work with.  Dior brushes are flat and wide - paddle brushes, I think they are called?  A couple of brush strokes is enough for each nail.

Exquis is a dark mushroom color with a delicate gold shimmer.  If you look very closely, there are also teeny tiny red and green flecks that add depth to the overall color.  Sometimes I wish the shimmer were stronger, but it is beautiful in sunlight.  It reminds me of mushrooms, but in a good way.  Plus, mushrooms are cute.  I asked S. what he thought - if he thought it was worth the higher end price tag.  After some inspection, he said he likes the color because it's not flat, and it's rather multi-dimensional.  Good enough for me!

Have you picked up any holiday collection items yet?  I swatched all four of the Dior Or lipsticks, but they just didn't seem that fabulous, so I passed on them.  Now I kind of want to go back for the darkest lipstick, though.  I need to stop reading blogs!

$22 for 0.33 fl oz, at Dior counters.