Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bath And Body Works: Candles and Hand Soaps

I like B&BW shower gels, hand soaps, and candles.  I still have enough shower gels to last me until this time next year, so when Fruity Lashes posted a 20% off B&BW coupon code a few weeks ago, I limited myself to hand soaps and candles.  They were having some of their usual sales (I feel like they have perpetual sales, they just rotate them through their product line), so I got two big 14.5 oz candles for $20, and three little candles for $5, and soaps were on sale, and all kinds of nonsense.

Here are all of the goodies!
Hand soaps were 6 for $20.  Big candles were 2 for $20.  Little ones were 3 for $5.
With the doggie in the house, I've been more active about buying candles and other odor-neutralizers.  He's not especially smelly, and I love him, but I do realize that he smells like a dog, and sometimes visitors aren't always fond of that.  I put the Scent Portable in the shoe closet, which also stores the dog food and our heavier coats; it's a fresh cotton scent, which I prefer for long-term use.

The massive candles are 14.5 oz.; the Apple Crumble has been burning lately, and it's lovely.  I was a bit apprehensive about it at first, since I don't like apple-scented products.  I was hoping it would be more "crumble" than apple, and eventually, it is.  It starts off with the sweet, tangy smell of apples, but after a little while, it softens up into a buttery, sugary scent that still retains enough tangy fruit to prevent it from descending into a cloying mess.  One night, it was burning, and when S. and Dennison came back in around 10 PM (Dennison needs to go out for a last bathroom break before we turn in for the night), S. commented on how warm and comforting the apartment smelled, especially after coming in from the brisk fall night air.  The Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle is my favorite, though - spicy and sweet, with rich caramel's amazing.  I need another one.

The tiny candles are Marshmallow Fireside, Lavender Macaron, and Caramel Apple.  They're 1.6 oz each and super cute.  I'm looking forward to changing up the smells around here!

The hand soaps are all varied in scent; they're an indulgence.  I know drugstore hand soap is probably just as good and far cheaper, but I really don't like the smell of some of them, and it's such a hassle to refill little bottles from the massive bulk bottles.  Yes, I'm that lazy.  I just feel like the apartment is a little more polished with these soaps, and the pumps are easy.  The bottles are all recyclable, and I like changing up the smell every time.  It's the little things, you know?

Anyway.  There's that little peek into my apartment-keeping habits and "domestic goddess" tendencies.  Bath and Body Works, for the win! ;)

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