Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zoya Kotori

This is a pretty color that, though different than what I expected, is beautiful nevertheless.  It's blue glitter suspended in a clear base; even after three coats, it's not opaque by any standard, but I rather like the effect.  It's almost translucent, like those gauzy midnight blue prom dresses.  It's a softer effect than say, Dior Tuxedo (which is really an entirely different polish, but it's also blue and sparkly, so I figured I'd throw that at you), which is opaque and metallic.  Kotori would make a great layering polish, but it's also pretty on its own, soft and sparkly.  Zoya polishes also, in general, are pretty easy to apply and wear for a little less than a week with me (but I am hard on my nails).

Try it if: You want something a little more sheer, either to wear alone or to layer over other polishes.
Skip it if: You're looking for a one-coater or something more metallic.

$8, online with Zoya.
Direct sunlight, three coats of Kotori over Zoya base coat, under Zoya Armor.