Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoya Freja: Everyone Needs A Good Gunmetal!

Gunmetal, not a gun.  I'll leave that up to you.

This is one of my favorite colors, so I'm not exactly sure why I haven't blogged about it before, or why I don't wear it that often.  Probably because I...have too many polishes (eep!  Don't tell S. I admitted to that!).  Anyhow.  It's a lovely gunmetal color and a smooth, reliable Zoya formula.  It has a slightly blueish cast, which I like, and it's not *too* dark.
In the sun!  Which is no longer visible, here in Seattle. 
You can see the blueish cast here.  Zoya base coat, 2 coats of Freja, and Zoya top coat.
Try it if: You like a medium shimmer polish with an easy to work with formula.
Skip it if: You like your metallics ultra metallic-y.  If you're going for the sheet metal look, I'd try something else.

$8 at Zoya.