Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Thursday Post

Sean Hayes: Open Up a Window.  The lyrics are a bit racy (mostly just the opening line), but this is one of my favorites for lazy, romantic nights with dim lights and a glass of wine. The song just makes you want to close your eyes and move slowly to the beat.  His voice is my kind of sexy.

I think this is gorgeous, though I'm not really a collector of any sort of art, so I would never buy it.  I think bats are cute, though.  The rest of this sculptor's shop is supremely gorgeous...I browsed for longer than I should have.

Squirrels, they're clever.  I keep seeing the ones on campus digging through trash cans and coming up with pizza, though, and I'm scared.  What if they develop a taste for pepperoni and turn into sharp-teethed carnivores???

Ooooh, glitter.  I like!  I love those long pieces of glitter in nail polish, and I don't have any.  Problem, no?  Also, check out this new Revlon!  The drugstore still has 40% off of Revlon - excuse me while I go hunt this down!

I ordered from Flourish.  I had to - the bright, clean, colorful labels just lured me in.  A full size of Grapefruit Ginger perfume oil came to me, along with ten samples.  Expect a review sometime this month.  Or next, depending on how backlogged I get.  Hah.

How awesomely cool are they?

And, get your geek on!  I must have this!

Okay, hang in there guys, one more day, and then the weekend!  It's supposed to hit a high of 89 degrees here on Seattle, that is a big time heat wave.  But we've got a small pizza party planned tomorrow night, and I have dessert'll be a good time.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?