Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Thursday Post

John Legend feat. Brandy: Quickly.  S. and I both love John Legend, and his songs will probably pop up at our wedding.  I love both the beats and the lyrics; I think they're poetic and still very real - they perfectly describe real relationships, not just all that ass and fluff and ridiculous angst that is present in a lot of other R&B music.  Man's got soul.

This is so very, very cool.  The artist gets the feathers from a bird reserve (the wardens collect them once they've been naturally shed) and then in turn, donates some of his proceeds back to the reserve.  Isn't that even cooler?

Weird, but also rather cute.  I guess Barbie and Ken are back together? (#nobodycares)

I loved this post.  The atmosphere and clothing and environment...just gorgeous.  Also, these shoes are amazing.

I can definitely appreciate a sexy car (and often do, when we're on the road...I think S. likes being able to point out sexy cars and have me ooh and ahh with him), and this is a sexy car.  Period.

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S. and I both enjoy rieslings (even though we both, as a rule, prefer red to white wine), and we had a bottle of Snoqualmie Vineyards 2009 Winemaker's Select Riesling (it will ask you for your birthdate, since it's a wine site).  It's delicious.  Fruity but light (not overbearing), sweet but not syrupy, and perfect for summer.  We like to buy local when we can, and are lucky that WA wines are fabulous!  If you like fruity, light rieslings and can find this, give it a try!