Monday, September 5, 2011

Scent By the Sea China Rain and Fiori di Roma, Redux, Plus a Brief Pricing Breakdown

I told you that these were two of the perfume oils from Scent by the Sea that I ended up really liking.  So I went and bought full sizes; they're $10 each for a 1/8 oz bottle (this is 0.125 oz, or roughly 3.7 mL, at 0.37 mL/$1).  If you want a roll-on, it is $11 a bottle.  These perfume oils have bases that are a blend of jojoba and coconut oils.  Shipping is $2; they ship quickly (usually a day or two after purchase), and provide the buyer with a tracking number, which is nice.

The sample sizes I had were part of a custom sample set; that was $12 for ten samples, 5/8 of a dram each, or approximately 2.3 mL.  That puts a sample at the pricing of 1.92 mL/$1, which is insanely cheap.  They don't have the option to purchase a single sample on their Etsy site, but I have been told that you can convo them for such an arrangement.
L-R: SbtS full size (5 mL), sample set size (~2.3 mL), GWP sample size (unsure; it's not listed, but it's smaller than the other).  My guess would be around 1-1.5 mL, and enough for several days wear, at least - probably more like a week or so, depending on how generously you apply.

To compare with some other indie perfumeries, I checked prices from websites - this is all available information, if you want to plow through some number-crunching.  I used mL/$1 (US) has a way of standardizing everything so that different companies could be compared.  I'm not offering any sort of commentary here; that is, I'm not coloring the information one way or another.  I'm simply showing you what I've calculated.  S. double-checked my math, but feel free to do so again!
Sweet Anthem sample on the left, Scent by the Sea on the right.  The bottles are slightly different in structure, but they are supposed to hold the same volume.  Haha, the SbtS tag says "LOL."  Okay, well, it's "Lolita," but it was nicely cropped!  

Sweet Anthem sells single samples (5/8 dram, ~2.3 mL - their site lists is as ~2 mL) for $5 each (0.46 mL/$1) or as part of a pick 3 for $12 set (0.58 mL/$1).  They sell 5 mL roll-on bottles for $12; that's 0.42 mL/$1.  Their 15 mL roll-ons are $40, at 0.38 mL/$1.  They do offer sets of full-sized perfumes, at reduced prices.  Shipping ranges from $2-$3 per item.  These are in a fractionated coconut oil base.

Flourish sells perfume samples in several sets; you can get 18 samples (1 mL each) in a cute tin for $25 (1.3 mL/$1), or in a set of 3 for $5 (0.6 mL/$1).  They sell samples individually for $1.50, at 0.33 mL/$1.  The full sizes are 9 mL, or ~0.3 oz ($1/mL) for $9.00, in a roll-on bottle (all in a coconut oil base).  Shipping seems to be about $2 for full sizes; perfume samples ship free with another purchase (full size, lotion, etc.).

Wiggle sells perfume samples at $3 for 0.5 mL (0.16 mL/$1); bigger sizes are $15 for 5 mL (0.33 mL/$1) and $39 for 15 mL (0.38 mL/$1).  I couldn't find information on the oil base on their Etsy site.

Haus of Gloi sells 5 mL bottles for about $12 (it seems to depend on the particular scent); this is 0.42 mL/$1.  Samples seem to be $2.50 for 1 mL; this is 0.4 mL/$1.  These are again, fractionated coconut oil.
L-R: a 1 mL vial, a 1 mL vial from Haus of Gloi, the GWP SbtS sample (and likely the single sample size), the Sweet Anthem sample size available for purchase.

So, I haven't shopped with all of these - I've just been skimming sites for the relevant information.  The pricing here isn't meant to imply that some companies are better than other - I have no idea how the quality of perfume oils and ingredients vary - that is to say, I don't know who is using what and how they compare to each other in that sense.  I also can't make any comments on the concentration of oils; you can understand how that kind of information wouldn't be up for grabs.  This is just meant to be a collection of general pricing, because I was curious, and the math was begging to be done.  I will say that I am more reluctant to purchase samples that come at higher prices, especially from a new company; I'm not likely to buy a full size right off the bat, so samples always come first.

This wasn't a comprehensive list, either - a lot of companies offer full size sets for cheaper prices, but I didn't go through all of those.  I was mostly interested in seeing how sample prices compared with individual full sizes.

Anyhow.  What are your thoughts?  I'd like to open this one up for lots of discussion, because I really want to know what everyone thinks - especially those of you who have shopped from all of these companies!