Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Fire and Ice

[An appropriate post to follow the Lipstick Bandits' debut, no?  Haha!]

I needed to feed my recent red lipstick habit, and Makeup Morsels did this post on Revlon Fire and Ice, and Dani did this one, and my local drugstore was having a 40% off of Revlon products sale.  The stars aligned and all of that, so I came home with this (along with jars of pasta sauce, BOGO cotton balls and rounds, Brita filters, cans of beans...I was responsible, too!  Look at that!  Also, on that note, would anyone be interested in seeing my weekly meal plan documents?  Or hearing about that?).

I will freely admit that I have kind of a stigma against some drugstore lipsticks; it has nothing to do with any preconceived notions on lesser quality or cheapness or anything rational.  I think it's just because my mom used to have a ton of Revlon lipsticks when she was younger (she only "settles" for Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, etc. now, partly due to my influence...haha), and while I liked playing with them, I was always aware of how freaking awful they smelled.  Awful.  Worse than my crayons.  Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but still very bad.  That is the only memory of Revlon lipsticks that I have (well, that, and some of the frosty pink horrors that I've seen in their collections), aside from the awful green packaging of their Moon Drops or whatever collection.
The packaging is simple; the tube is super light.  I prefer weightier packaging, but I don't think anyone buys this solely based on packaging appeal.

Another problem I have with drugstore makeup is the lack of testers.  Even if they do have testers, they're in such bad shape that I'm not really keen on picking any of them up and swatching them, even on my hand (I'm sorry, I don't like germs).  That, coupled with a lack of a cosmetics return policy, makes me reluctant to purchase things from drugstores.  You might say that okay, a bad lipstick would only set me back about $5 on sale, $9 if regular price, but um...I'm a poor graduate student, and I could use that money to eat.  Or, you know, buy more lipstick!

Last problem: I have an allergy to parabens.  A lot of drugstore brands do not post their ingredients on their websites, or in readily readable areas on their packaging (a lot of high-end brands don't have lists on their website, actually, but do print them on the packaging; I've also had great experiences calling Nordstrom and asking a SA to read the ingredients list for me).  My lipstick, for example, was sealed, with no ingredient information to be found on the outside of the seal - nor on the display or anywhere else.
How is this helpful?  I mean, the seal is good - I appreciate the attempt to keep my product from being opened before I purchase it.  But I want to read the ingredients.  I understand that keeping it sealed prevents it from falling off.  But I still want to read them before I buy it and unwrap it.  And that point, it's rather too late to return it!

I had to search Amazon for an ingredient list.  I would really, really appreciate it if more companies started to put their ingredient list right on the outside of the seal.  How else are we supposed to find out this information?  I mean, sure, I could call customer service, but my willingness to buy your product drops drastically with every additional step I have to take to find out what's in it.  Also, as a side note, I have called customer service for a company before (and it wasn't a drugstore brand).  The customer service representative did not have the ingredient information I required, but would I mind calling another number?  Actually, I would.  Product not purchased.

Here's the ingredient list, for you!

So, rambling confessions aside, I hedged a bit on this purchase.  What if it smelled funny?  What if it looked completely and utterly ridiculous?  What if it looked exactly like a red I already own?  Well, let's see.  Since Revlon Fire and Ice is a warmer red, I pulled out Dior Red Serum, because I thought they'd be the closest.
Fire and Ice is warmer, more orange; it's also creamier and far more opaque, with less slip than the Dior. The other reds I have are darker or more blue, so they wouldn't have been too close.  This red is intense; it seems to pull orange in these photos, but in person, it sometimes has a blue cast, as well, so it's hard to explain.  It's definitely in-your-face and intense and almost glows, so if you shy away from brights, this is not the one for you.
It looks tomato red here, but in person it does actually have a slight blue tinge...it's hard to describe.  Everyone who says this is simply "true red" is probably spot-on, I feel.
The texture is almost too creamy for me - it feels like it would be really easy to just smoosh the bullet against my lips and create a huge mess.  I didn't find this to be particularly moisturizing, either, and I could always feel it on my lips.  But!  It didn't have a noticeable smell.  That strong, distinct smell is apparently a thing of the past.  Fantastic!

Try it if: You want a creamy, opaque, fiery red lipstick at budget prices.
Skip it if: You prefer lightweight lipsticks; I find this a bit heavy and almost too soft.

With 40% off, I got this for $4.79 + tax.  Not bad, right?  I will still probably wear it, every so often...I think it will be very nice under a coppery lipgloss.  Now I just need some lipgloss.  It never ends.