Monday, September 19, 2011

My Lips But Infinitely Better: Dior 215 Primrose Crystal

I was originally uninterested in a "my lips but better" shade; if I wanted something my natural lip color, I just left my lips bare.  They're often dry or otherwise unattractive, though, and sometimes I just want to look natural, but polished.  So off to the Dior counter I went.  Why Dior?  Well, I wanted a lightweight, subtly glossy lipstick with a soft finish, and I love the formula of Dior's Rouge Serums - they feel good.  They're not terribly opaque or pigmented or dramatic, but that's not what I'm going for with "natural," anyway, so these are perfect.
The pens are sealed.  Isn't that nice?  I love Dior packaging.  These pens fit perfectly in purses!

This is one of the fall releases - the Rouge Serum Crystals.  All of the press releases and the item page on Nordstrom say that these are SPF 20, but it doesn't say that on the box (the original Rouge Serums have "SPF 20" listed on the front of the box, near the bottom), and octinoxate, the active ingredient in the original Rouge Serums, is not on the Crystal ingredient list.  So it seems that these do not provide any sort of sun protection, unfortunately.
I absolutely love the packaging of these things.  Even though it's a clicky pen, I can always actively see product rising up when I twist it, even if I just give it one turn.  The instructions say to twist twice per use, which I find to be accurate.

The color is a soft peachy pink - not too orange and not too pink - that is really almost exactly my lip shade, if just a touch peachier.  On my lips, it looks healthy and gives me an overall polished glow.
Bare lips, for reference.  ...  I can't believe I put this up here.  You see why I need Primrose Crystal now, yes?  I think I may have been drinking red wine when I took this photo.  Hm.  That might explain the blotches.  Ah, well.
With Primrose Crystal.  Soft, shiny, and worlds better than that icky photo above.
So, do you really need to spend $34 on a MLBB shade?  Well, maybe not, but I was going for a very specific natural look, and this nails it, so I feel like it's worth it.  I didn't have to endure a long, fruitless search, going through numbers of products and feeling more disheartened with every failure...yeah.  It doesn't look exactly like my lip color - it's a touch warmer - and evens out my lips.  I can't achieve this look with clear balms (and I don't like the texture of most balms - too waxy) or more pigmented lipsticks.  I will probably go back for a more beige nude (there is both a "nude serum," and a "beige serum," haha) at some point, as well.  These are definitely one of my favorite lipstick formulas.

On the negative side, the lipstick doesn't last more than two hours on my lips, but since it  is such a fool-proof color, touch-ups are extremely easy; a mirror isn't necessary for application.  I do wish these weren't quite $34; you can get a Guerlain Rouge Automatique for $35, Armani for $30, YSL Rouge Volupt√© Pearl for $34...all with varying amounts of product, of course, though this Dior does tend to be on the lighter end of the distribution in terms of product weight.

Try it if: You're looking for a natural lip color in a comfortable, lightweight formula.
Skip it if: You'd rather just slick on clear balm for a natural look (though the Rouge Serum line does come in brighter colors - I have a bright red).

$34 for 0.07 oz at Dior counters.