Friday, September 2, 2011

The Moment of Truth: August

My three strikes policy (per month): in a given month, I can buy three items, or spend X amount of money - whichever comes first.  I succeeded in June, failed miserably in July, and...let's see how I did this month!  Basic summary: Indie purchases usually count as one item total (especially small items like perfume/eye shadow samples) and skincare/necessities don't count.  Everything else is fair game!  It's part of the goal to minimize the number of things I buy, as well as the costs.

Purchase one: Three perfume samples from Sweet Anthem - the fourth here is a freebie (review here)!  Total, with tax and shipping: $15.08.

Purchase two: NARS Mascate lipstick (review here).  Total, with tax: $27.38.

Purchase three: MAC Sheen Supreme in Can't Resist (review here).  Total, with tax: $15.88.

Purchase four (damnit!): pureDKNY Verbena perfume (review here). Total, with tax: $49.28.

Absolute total: $107.62, four items.  Arggggghhhh.  But that's way better than last month!  Improvement, hurray!  ...and all four of these purchases were worth it, anyway.