Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flourish Part I: Overview

Ki from Les Pensées de Ki (formerly Ki and Makeup) included a sample of Flourish Grapefruit Ginger in the giveaway prize she sent to me, and I fell in love.  It's a fun scent - fizzy and soda-like, with just enough ginger to balance it out.  It reminds me of the Japanese soda candies I ate as a kid.  I really need to see if I can find those now!

Anyway, that sample sparked my interest in Flourish, a bath & body shop on Etsy.  They sell body scrubs (in cute cubes!), lotions, lip tints and balms, and of course, perfume oils!  I love the clean, bright aesthetic of the shop (which piqued my interest even more) and a lot of the scents appealed to me.

I only saw a 3-sample pack or an 18-sample pack (with the cutest tin ever), but I only wanted ten; I contacted Brooke (the owner), and she immediately set up a reserved custom listing for me, which was really nice.  Single perfume samples are $1.50 for 1 mL each; I ordered ten, which put me at $15.00.  I also ordered a full version of the Grapefruit Ginger.  When you buy something else, shipping for perfume samples is free!  The full Grapefruit Ginger was $9.00 for a 9 mL bottle, and the shipping cost was $2.00.  All together = $26.00.  The stated TAT was 3-5 business days; I ordered on Aug. 27th and received my package on Sept. 6th.  The status of my purchase changed to "shipped" on Sept. 2nd, I think (I didn't receive any other shipping notice), and then there was the long weekend.  The hurricane also hit the coast sometime in there (and the shop was affected, according to their Facebook page), so all in all, it was rather fast.

Everything arrived in a bubble mailer.  The roll-on of Grapefruit Ginger was wrapped separately; the perfume samples were grouped in little bags (five each), and packed in small black envelopes - very pretty!  There was also a business card with a "Thank you!" on it.

The labels for the full sized roll-ons are really lovely - I like how modern and colorful they are.  I also really like the brand logo - simple and elegant.

Each individual perfume sample has a label with "flourish" on one side, and the name of the oil on the other.

So far, so good, right?  I'm going to split this up into two back-to-back posts: one for the purchasing experience, and one for the scents, or else this would be a forever-long post.  Stay tuned for the scent descriptions!   To hold you over until then, you can read more about Flourish here, in a featured Etsy seller interview.