Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clinique Black Honey Gradient Blush

I hedged on this one.  I swatched it twice at Sephora, but passed on it both times.  I searched around for a dupe (and Rae searched, too <3 ) but no dice.  I had a Dior Addict, unused, that I wanted to return, so I finally made the swap.  Isn't it pretty?  This is the limited edition blush from Clinique's Black Honey Fall 2011 release.

I love the gradient.  It runs all the way through, and all of the colors (the light, the dark, everything in between) are flattering and lovely.  It's a matte blush - no shimmer here! - and the spectrum of plummy brown it offers is beautiful.  Why did I pass it up twice, then?  Well, it's $29.50.  Seems rather high for a Clinique blush, doesn't it?  Sure, it's $29.50 for 0.31 oz, which is massive, but as some bloggers have mentioned before - I'll never use this up!  Sometimes I'd prefer a smaller product with an appropriately smaller price tag.
I don't like these boxes.  Am I the only one?  The green-peach-pink floral print is dated and hideous, in my opinion.  Sure, I'm just going to toss it out, but there is nothing immediately eye catching about this.  I guess this is a personal problem.

Here's the ingredient list.
I had to peel the Nordstrom sticker off and replace it, because it was originally stuck right on the ingredient panel.  I know sales associates are in a hurry, but really?  (Oh man, I'm just on fire today, aren't I?)
And here are the swatches!
Dark shade on the left, lighter shade on the right

Slightly different lighting; darkest shade on the left again, and lightest on the right.

The mauve color is really, really flattering and very lovely.  When swatched, it seems a bit powdery, but once brushed lightly on cheeks, the finish is not powdery at all.  It makes a great contouring color, as well, since it doesn't have any sort of shimmer.  I'm lazy and run a brush along the whole thing (from light to dark) and swirl that on my face, which gives me a natural, rosy brown color that I love.  You can take a brush to the separate parts, though, and use them individually, which adds some versatility to this product.  I was surprised by how pigmented it is - start with a light hand!  I was also surprised that this one lasted all day.  When I took my makeup off at 7 pm, it was still going strong, even though I put it on 12 hours ago.  This one is definitely a win, all-around.  And it's perfect for fall!

Like many others, I often give Clinique's color cosmetics a pass (even though I depend on their skincare!), but you know, all of the blushes and bronzers I've tried from the line have been really lovely, so maybe I need to get over the mental block.  It would help if they updated their packaging.  It all looks so blah and bland, it's easy to pass over!

Try it if: You want a natural-looking matte blush that is quite versatile - it has a dark and light shade, and both are readily accessible (it doesn't have any sort of crazy out-there pattern that makes it impossible to pick out the two different shades).
Skip it if: I can't really think of a good reason to skip this (it's limited edition!  Go go go!), although I have a suspicion that it may not show up as well against darker skin tones.  In that case, you may want to test it out first.

$29.50 for 0.31 oz, at Nordstrom and Sephora or other Clinique counters.  Limited edition.