Monday, August 22, 2011

Zoya Maya, or Why I Feel Like Malibu Barbie

Zoya Maya is a squishy pinky coral jelly.  When I first ordered it, I left it for months, unloved, simply because its bottle color is quite uninspiring.  Why did I order it?  No idea.  I thought I needed a pink jelly?
Zoya Get Even base coat, 2x Maya, Zoya Armor top coat.  It looks more coral here than it does in person.
And you know, it turns out that I do.  With two coats, you can still see the nail line, but at a casual glance, all you get is this wonderfully bright, luscious pink!  Pinks aren't even close to my favorite color, but I really like this one.  It's somehow neon and exciting.  And it really does make me feel like Malibu Barbie, though I wouldn't necessarily call that a positive benefit.  It just makes me laugh.

The formula was easy to work with - thin and easy to spread, with no dragging.  I will say, though, that my thumb nail chipped the day afterward.  Whether this is due to the polish or the fact that my nails are paper thin, I'm not sure, but this one does seem to dry down more shell-like (and thus more prone to chipping, rather than just wearing down) than the usual Zoya.

Try it if: You like pinks and jellies.  Or if you just want to feel like Malibu Barbie.
Skip it if: You want complete opacity from your polishes (this is always going to be rather translucent, because of the kind of polish it is).

$8 from Zoya.