Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Thursday Post

Kenny Chesney: Somewhere With You.  Country songs can be so romantic.  Sometimes a bit too syrupy, it's true, but some of them just make me melt.  Annnnd that's more than you needed to know about me.

I want to make cookies soon, and these are on the list.  I love coconut and lime!

Scent by the Sea, one of my favorite Etsy perfumeries, has a new sample pack out!  I think they're super affordable, at $12.00 for ten generous samples!  Will you try it?  I'm so very, very tempted.

Speaking of perfumes, I'm looking for a little wooden curio - preferably one with wooden doors - to store my perfumes and oils in.  Have you seen anything like this?

And I'm on ScentBase!  Are you?  Perfume is becoming my new's very, very bad.

Dior's new polishes look beautiful.  I think some are repromotes, but since I only own one Dior polish so far, I don't care.  They're all so pretty!

And, we've done it!  We've decided where we are getting married.  Here.  It's modern and has a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic, which is what we were going for.  The food is good, and they were able to give us a really good proposal.  One thing off my list, hurray!  Now.  Our wedding is still a year out, but I'm kind of a compulsive planner and I like to have things organized.  I am trying to pick colors.  We're thinking black and white, and one accent color - like gold.  Thoughts?  What would you/have you pick/picked?  I'd appreciate any feedback!

I leave you with...a Dennison photo.  This is his couch.  We've given up.