Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Thursday Post

City and Colour: Little Hell.  Absolutely beautiful; I love these kinds of songs - clean instrumentation, and a breathy, sexy male voice.  Also, the name comes from the singer's own name: Dallas (city) Green (color).  I bought this album for $5 on Amazon.  Gotta love it!

Would you like to see an MC Escher painting through a water drop?

This made me giggle.  So did this.  I do enjoy a glass of wine or a glass of whiskey - on the rocks - as well as the plethora of fruity girly drinks.  I mean, I'm a girl and I can, right?

This is one of the cutest stories ever.

Et si vous comprenez français, ce blog est magnifique.  Even if you don't read French, click it!  The photos are gorgeous, and this post is filled with fabulous Dior couture.

We've been re-watching The Big Bang Theory in preparation for season five (which premieres in September, but we have three seasons to go through!  And season four, once it comes out on DVD.  We didn't get a TV until just a little while ago, so we have a lot of catching up to do!)  Are there are any TV shows you're hooked on and would like to recommend?  We only have basic cable and Netflix, though.

I'm pretty excited!  Rachael Yamagata is coming to town on my birthday, and S. bought tickets :)  It's a small venue (we've been there before, to see Jackie Greene when he was in town) but they do sell drinks and I've heard that she is amazing live.  Yay!  It's still a few months down the road, but yay!

Also, I finally figured out how to put in a "Follow me on Twitter!" button.  Mostly it's because I'm an idiot and didn't realize I could just add the html tag as a "gadget."  Yeah.  Anyway, if you're on Twitter, let's be Twitter friends! :)