Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Thursday Post

Big Boi feat. T.I.: Tangerine.  It's explicit and a bit racy, and if you're not into that or dislike heavy beats and rap, this is prolly not the video for you.  I enjoy the beats and the bass, and sometimes you just want to get up and move to something.  This would be it.  But I can respect that some people would prefer not to listen to this kind of thing, so I do try to put up a disclaimer with these kinds of songs.

First and foremost, I have created a survey that I'd love for you all to do.  Here's that post.  For those of you who have done it, thank you so much!  I loved reading your responses :)

S. and I have been playing Chess With Friends.  I'm horrible at chess.  It's very humbling.

I made blueberry sweet rolls - they were amazing.  My stand mixer is amazing.  The amount of exercise I have to do to offset the creations that have been appearing on the kitchen counter?  Not amazing.

This beautiful perfume review makes me want more perfume.  It's terrible.  Why am I so obsessed with fragrances lately?  I just made a purchase from Sweet Anthem (erm, they're on vacation right now, sorry!) and I just purchased pureDKNY Verbena.

Um, Tokidoki + Marvel?  Love!

These self-portraits are amazing.  Love!

Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend! :)