Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pureDKNY Verbena Scent Spray

I personally like the clean simplicity of this bottle, especially compared to some of the more frou frou options out there.
I love verbena scents; when I first ventured into fragrances, I tried the Bath & Body Works Lime Coconut Verbena body splash; to this day it remains one of my favorite B&BW scents - I usually have it around in some form (hand soaps, shower gels, etc.).
The B&BW definitely has more coconut to it, but the fresh, citrusy, slightly floral scent is the same.  pureDKNY Verbena has that same summery essence without the sweetness of coconut, and it lasts a hell of a lot longer than the body splashes.  One spray lasted me all day.  This has that mild freshness that reminds me of S.'s colognes, actually; it's not quite the same notes (men's fragrances are usually spicier, even the clean ones), but it's enough to remind me of S. throughout the day, which I like.  Verbena is delicate but steadfast, and it's perfect for this summer.  My 1 oz. bottle is tiny, but seems like it'll last quite a while, since I only need one spray for the entire day.  I don't know what the original pureDKNY smells like, so I can't tell you how different it is, but I can tell you: I love this.

The official description on Nordstrom's site: "Introducing a pure new scent, a drop of verbena sourced from Africa, a drop of good will. pureDKNY supports local communities by taking small steps to help make a difference, pure and simple. A citrus green floral scent with a naturally derived verbena accord."  There is a note that "pureDKNY is partnering with CARE by investing in their Access Africa program, which provides people access to financial services that can enable them to break the cycle of poverty."

Try it if: You like clean, citrusy, light florals scents that aren't too strong (think: the faint, lingering clean scent of freshly laundered clothes, versus...the actual soap).
Skip it if: Delicate, non-sweet fragrances are not your cup of tea.

$45 for 1 oz; I purchased mine at Nordstrom, but I saw it in an Ulta ad, too, so I think it's probably available in most fragrance stores.