Monday, August 15, 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme: Can't Resist!

I wanted a coppery red, or a red with gold/copper sparkles - something for fall and the holidays.  I know it's still summer, but Nordstrom had its Anniversary Sale, and I needed something else for free shipping ($200, really?), so I picked up one of these.  Initially, when I was looking for this sort of color, I had put Bobbi Brown's Sunset Bronze Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 on my list, but Temptalia's swatch of MAC Can't Resist made it look more intense and pigmented, so this is what I went with.  Plus, it's cheaper than Bobbi's (though it doesn't have the SPF rating that the Treatment Lip Shines do).
These have a slim, plastic tube that's a perfect cylinder, rather than bullet shaped like MAC's other lipsticks.  The packaging reflects the actual lipstick shape; it's flat tipped, versus a typical lipstick bullet.  It still clicks shut, which is nice.

Isn't it pretty?  All sparkly and stuff?
It's a deeper, sheerer red with a gold sheen.  I love the color of it and the finish - sparkly without being frosty.  It does settle in lip lines a bit, but that's honestly only noticeable if you're right in my face - and you shouldn't be.  I really love the color; it is so pretty!  It'll be a great holiday lipstick, for sure.
Natural light.
Direct sunlight.  This doesn't really do it justice; up close and personal, you can't really see the lip lines the way they are emphasized here.  It's much less obvious in person.
When I first applied this, I was surprised by how emollient the formula was, and how smoothly it went over my dry lips (I didn't prep them in any way).  The color builds nicely, and I really do like this shade - a shimmery burgundy.  It reminds me of a gloss I had in high school, for prom.  I will say that this is initially tacky - it definitely feels like a gloss on my lips and is rather sticky.  However, after a little while, it eases into something fairly lightweight and comfortable on the lips.  The shine factor decreases with wear time, but the color remains, well into hour three or four.

Unfortunately, I found that it doesn't have the same faint vanilla smell characteristic of MAC's regular lipsticks; it's stronger and sweeter, and reminds me of Revlon's Super Lustrous lip glosses - at least, the way I remember them smelling, but I haven't owned any since high school.  I'm not a huge fan of this scent, but it's tolerable.  However, the Sheen Supreme lipstick also has a faint taste associated with it, too, which I don't like.  I didn't find that the scent/taste went away; I just stopped noticing it after a while.  If I thought about it again, though, I could detect both scent/taste throughout the length of wear.  I am, however, pretty sensitive about smells, so if they typically don't bother you, you'll probably be okay.

I didn't find these particularly moisturizing, but they aren't drying.  All in all - they feel like a gloss, but have the pigmentation of lipstick.
Sheen Supreme ingredients. Click for larger.
Try it if: You're looking for a glossy, non-drying lipstick that comes in strong, saturated colors.
Skip it if: You don't like tacky or sticky lip products, or you prefer clear-cut, strong lip colors and sheer glosses, rather than a hybrid of the two.

Either way, smell them first.  Temptalia said they are vanilla-scented, but I don't really get that, and Can't Resist definitely smells different from my other MAC lipsticks.  I like some of the other Sheen Supreme shades, but I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of this sticky formula and the smell.  It's actually not that strong, but it's noticeable.  I think I'd probably stick to another brand of glossy-almost-lipstick (maybe try Dior's Addicts, or more Sérum de Rouges), even if they are pricier.

$14.50 for 0.12 oz., at MAC counters or stores.