Monday, August 29, 2011

MAC Me Over: Runaway Red Lipstick (Or, Why Beauty Blogs Are Bad For Your Wallet)

Not sure why it looks like it has funny spots.  Oh well.
I wasn't originally interested in anything from the Mac Me Over collection; there were just too many things, and the press releases were all over the place, and I didn't need anything, and blah blah blah - you know how it goes.  But then Tracy went and blogged about it and how gorgeous this was, and next thing you know, I'm down at the MAC store, swatching it and falling in love.
Ingredients.  Click for larger.

If only all things were that easy, I guess.  Basically, I like red lipstick, and it's not that hard to win me over.  Reading beauty blogs is dangerous for your wallet, but great for your personal happiness!  (On a side note, I swatched Prince Noir and Oh Oh Oh, the only other ones that interested me.  Prince Noir is far too mauvey-brown on me, and Oh Oh Oh is sheer and pinky-plum; reminds me of Syrup, actually, except Oh Oh Oh is sparkly.  Neither excited me; Runaway Red is the only thing I came home with.  Cheer!)

Here is Runaway Red; it's a blue-based satin finish lipstick, and it is gorgeous.
I did experience a little feathering on the edges...I think when I wear it again, I will line my lips first.
I was initially afraid that it would look too much like NARS Mascate (besides the different finishes), but I think they're actually quite different in color, as well.  Runaway Red is bluer, and of course it has that satiny finish.  Mascate is more of a brick-red color.  Naturally, I love both.
The lighting is different in these two photos, but you can see that they are quite different in color and finish.
I've only tried one other MAC satin finish and ended up returning it; this one is a lot more forgiving.  The color lasts several hours and stains through a meal.  It has an almost glossy finish, and while it wasn't necessarily moisturizing, it definitely wasn't drying.

So.  I've thrown in the towel and accepted the fact that I like red lipsticks and I will probably start to collect them.  So much for buying lipsticks only if they were very different from what I already had.  Everyone needs a hobby, right?  Haha.  Maybe I'll do a red round-up post show that you can wear any red you want and make it work for you, no matter if you're cool or warm toned!  I have orange-based reds and blue-based reds and sheer ones and matte ones...good times.

Try it if: You like blue-based reds with a glossy finish.
Skip it if: You already have too many reds, or you're not a fan of MAC's satin formula.  I can't think of any other reason why you'd skip - unless you're a warm red kind of girl (though I usually feel that people can wear both.  They end up looking quite different, but not bad - not by a long shot.)

$14.50 at MAC counters or stores - snatch it up while you can!  Like I said, I bought the last one at my store, and I went the day after the collection launched!