Friday, August 26, 2011

MAC Candy Yum-Yum

This is a retina-searing pink matte lipstick from MAC that was released as part of this spring's Quite Cute collection.  It sold out here in days, but apparently not in HI, so a good friend from back home picked up one for me (thanks much!).

It's bright.  Really, really bright.  And it's matte, so it's actually pretty dry; it does kind of emphasize all of my lip lines and my lips need to be prepped before I apply it.  I'm not sure I could wear this out without toning it down somehow, but I still really love the idea of it.  Is that crazy?  Haha.

Unfortunately, it's not available anymore, but I figured I'd swatch and show it anyway.  I also compared it to two other MAC pinks I have, just to see how different it actually was.  Verdict?  It's pretty different.
Lickable and Speed Dial are cremesheens, not mattes, but the colors seemed similar.  Once I swatched them though, I could see that they're quite different.  Candy Yum-Yum is definitely matte, and cooler.  For some reason, Lickable and Speed Dial look really similar in this swatch, but they look nothing alike on my lips.  
My camera captured Candy Yum-Yum's neon brightness perfectly, but my computer seems to have killed it.  Temptalia's swatch is exactly how it looks on me, and how it looks in my iPhoto.
In person, it's more purple, more opaque, and ridiculously bright.  This is so frustrating!
Anyway.  There you have it.  The lipstick that defeated my camera.  Do you have Candy Yum-Yum?  Are you brave enough to wear it out?