Friday, August 5, 2011

EOTD: Something Like NARS Fall 2011

The NARS Fall 2011 collection has a few pieces which caught my interest, which is usually not the case.  One of them was NARS Mascate (which I will be reviewing shortly), and the other was Outremer - a bright blue matte shadow.  I didn't pick it up, because I have far too many eye shadows as it is, but the promo images were gorgeous, so I tried to recreate it.
NARS promotional photo, from Temptalia
Here's my take on it.  Just one eye, because I was being economical and used the other eye for a different eye look!  (Someday, I should do an "outtakes" post and show you pictures of me with two differently made-up eyes, I think it'd be hysterical.)  The color I used is a lot brighter, especially in my sunlit photo.  But I tried to preserve the shape, which is what intrigued me to begin with.
UDPP in Eden,
Shiro Cosmetics
Gyrados (matte blue with silver sparkles),
Bare Escentuals
Big Tease mascara (mini)
I need to tame my brows, I know.  And I would benefit from some undereye concealer, as well.  Next time!  The Shiro Cosmetics Gyrados is brighter than NARS Outremer, and it also has sparkles in it, but the general idea is the same, right?  It's bold and bright!  I...would never go out like this, but it was fun to do a look without liner along the lashline, and with just one color - no additional shading.  Closer looks at the promo image seem to suggest that there is an overlap of a darker, more purple color, closer to the eye (and in the same shape), but I was more interested in the bright blue and the severe winged shape.
I used two Sephora eye brushes; the liner brush is crucial for getting the shape right.  Then I patted shadow in the lines with the fluffy head brush.  I swiped on some extra color with the liner brush, and also used it to get into hard to reach places, like along the lash line.
I like the rest of the model's makeup look, too, and I'll have to try it sometime.  What do you think of the look?  Would you go out that way?
Bonus picture!  Nature's brush cleaner...or, the hand of a crazy person :D