Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EOTD: Black & Gold

I stole this idea from Rae at TheNotice, because I'm shifty and suspicious and I do things like that.  If you aren't already following Rae, you should be.  Then you can steal things too!  (Just kidding.  Stealing is bad!  We call it "borrowing.")  You should click the link for her version, which is subdued and pretty and is accompanied by a beautiful FOTD.  Mine is, um, different.  I kept the gold highlight in the center of the lid, with black flanking it on both sides.  This was something I've never done before, and very fun!  However, I think I went over the top with mine, and I also used a gold liner.  Typically, I line with my black liquid liner first (along the upper lashline), and then blend a colored pencil liner into it, as I did here.

This is the palette I used; it's Dior's Five Golds palette, and it was LE from last holiday season.  This photo was taken at a weird angle because I apparently like weird angles, and...wow, I get crazier every day. 
The palette is gorgeous, but the shadows aren't as smooth as I'd like; they still pack nice pigmentation, though, even if it never seems like my brush picks it up that well.

UDPP in Greed (sparkly gold primer)
Five Golds palette: black, gold colors
Benefit Magic Ink (black liquid liner), UD Glide-on 24/7 Eye Liner in
El Dorado (gold)
You can see my contact!  Sorry my eyes are reddish, I've been fighting off a cold.  Anyway.  This look has been confined to one eye because the other one was being used for something far more outrageous.  Wait until you see it!  *insert teaser here*  Okie dokie, that's enough babbling from me.  Also, have you done my survey?