Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EOTD: Being a Test Subject - Variations of Autumn Tones

The bonus of putting myself on an eye shadow ban is that I have more motivation to do EOTDs with the products I already own.  Eye makeup is actually my favorite anyway - and has been for a long time - so it's fun to try to push myself to do different looks.  I still feel like they all end up looking the same, though!  So, along that line of thought, I decided to show two similar looks, with a slight variation, just for comparison's sake.  In the first EOTD, I use Shiro Cosmetics Unsatisfactory Mark on the outer edges, and in the second, I use SC Test Subject .

In the jar, Test Subject looks far too warm and reddish-orange for me; usually these kinds of colors make me look...funny (or funnier, whatever).  However, this is another example of the magic you can accomplish when you blend things to hell!  And no, I will never get tired of Triforce (although I think I lose my video game nerd card...I tried to beat Phantom Ganondorf the other day in Ocarina of Time, and I died a horrible, miserable death.  To be fair, I only have three hearts - I'm doing the three-heart challenge again, which I have successfully done several times - and playing OoT with a Wii Classic Controller is not as cool as with the N64 controller.  I'm convinced it is sabotaging me.  Anyway, geeky tangent over).
UDPP Greed (shimmery gold)
Shiro Cosmetics 
Triforce (sparkly gold), Unsatisfactory Mark (red), Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Revolution (matte black with red sparkles)
Benefit Magic Ink, UD 
Underground (cool brown) liner

UDPP Greed
Shiro Cosmetics Triforce (sparkly gold), Test Subject (shimmery reddish orange)
Benefit Magic Ink, UD 

The lighting is slightly different in these two photos, but you can kind of see how different they do look. The addition of a smack of black in the crease of the second look, too, gives it a slightly different cast (to my eyes, anyway).  I think from far away, it won't matter so much, but sometimes changing the tone of the eye colors incorporates the color scheme better into an overall look.  Also, it amazed me that red could be worn in a fairly natural manner.  Unsatisfactory Mark is very, very red in the jar, but it's beautiful - and not so scary - when blended into a soft look.
Unsatisfactory Mark (red); I look like I bruised my eyes in this pic...eh.

Test Subject (reddish orange)