Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cartoon EOTD: Raven of Teen Titans

It's Cartoon Saturday again!  Today, I decided to go for a more matte look, purple and mysterious, since a lot of my recent EOTDS have been brighter or softer.
Image source: Teen Titans Wiki
image source: DC Database (wiki)
I needed two pictures; she can be all scary with her glowy eyes (first picture), and then more moderate looking - for a super hero, I mean.  Raven is typically mysterious and emotionally distant, but she has a mean sense of humor, and constantly cracks me up.  She has the powers of telekinesis, and is generally kick-ass!  Definitely my favorite member of the Teen Titans team (though it's hard to pick a favorite, really).
Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
Powdered Wigs (matte white), Revolution (matte black with red sparkles), Shiro Cosmetics Lance the Dragon Trainer (shimmery cool purple with sparkles)
Tarte EmphasEYES Aqua Gel liner in
I decided to go with stark colors like matte white and black; the white reminded me of Raven's glowy eyes, too.  And then I piled some purple on there, and bam!

I will say I'm not completely thrilled with this look :/  Something about it just didn't satisfy me.  Oh well. C'est la vie, right?

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