Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Favorites!

Where has August gone?  Soon it will be fall!  Don't get me wrong - I love fall - but after fall comes winter, and winter is...cold.  Yeah, I know, thank you Captain Obvious, right?  But I hate freezing.  And my face was already dry this month, for some unknown reason.  It's summer!  It's supposed to be hot and sticky and not dry enough to give me patchy skin.  Whatever.  I added an extra moisturizer on top of my Clinique Moisturizing Gel, and it seemed to recover.  I still haven't managed to pick up a full sized First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream, but I will have to do that before winter, because I know it'll help.

August's favorites were:

Dior Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora
I know, I've already showcased this one over and over again.  I can't help it, though!  I've used this one nearly every day this summer, and look - still going strong!  It gives just the right amount of sun-kissed color to my face, giving me a wonderful glow.  I love this one, and it's made me interested in more Dior cheek and face products.  Find my original review here.

Scent by the Sea Egyptian Honey Perfume Oil
I was initially on the fence about this one, but I've since warmed up to it.  It's subtly sweet - not too overpoweringly syrupy or warm - and has a slightly exotic flair to it - without being incense-y or spicy.  It's slightly floral and also reminds me of banana pancakes.  You know, that faint, fruity smell associated with bananas (though it does not smell like bananas - that would not be cool with me) tempered with the warmth of sugar and batter.  It's not homey or foodie, though; that's just my weird association.  I feel kind of sexy with this on, and yet not at all femme fatale.  Actually, you know, I think I just rambled on and you still don't know what the hell this smells like to me, so I give up.  Bottom line: I like it.  Moving on.

Makeup Forever HD Blush in Quickie
I'm not really about these provocative names; I'm not offended, but it's already been done to death, I think.  Driven into the ground.  Squish.  Anyway.  This is Quickie.  It's a creamy salmon pink and it's lovely; I've been using it when I want just a faint flush of color in my cheeks.  A little goes a long way - it's easy to go crazy with the pump on this thing.  I do like the texture and consistency of the product, and its staying power.  I'll probably pick up a few more colors the next time I decide to do a Sephora splurge (when is the next FF, anyone know?).  I've had this one for ages, but, erm, I forgot about it.  And now it's seeing some love again! (The fact that I can forget about products like this probably means I have far too many, but we already knew that, didn't we?)

Darling Girl Cosmetics Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm in Boy Toy
For me, it's a nice nude with cool shimmer.  It mutes my natural lip color and wears well with MAC Harmony (above) and intense eye looks.  The texture of the balm is not tacky or slippery, but rather a happy medium, and it doesn't gunk up on my lips after reapplication - it feels very comfortable, which is so very nice.  It also keeps them fairly moisturized, which is always a plus.  It's a tinted lip balm, but it packs a lot of pigment, which is awesome, and is also great for layering over and under lip stains or lipsticks (I like the DG Boy Toy + Tarte Enchanted combo!  It ends up being a gorgeous shimmery rose.).  I need more of these in different colors, for sure.  Find my review here.

MAC blush in Harmony  
It's the perfect contouring blush.  It's a little warmer than I'd like sometimes, but otherwise it's a nice, medium brown that isn't *too* warm.  It's good for days when I have dramatic lips or bright eyes.  It's a basic MAC powder blush; for me, that means good staying power and it's easy to apply.  Find my original review here.

Shiro Cosmetics eye shadow in Dunsparce
I received this as a freebie sample with one of my orders a long time ago, and then I let it sit around because I'm lazy and it's hard to open up a little baggie.  But then I tried some out of curiosity one day, and bam!  Instant attraction.  It's the perfect mellow gold color, with lots of purple sparkles.  You can see an EOTD I did with it here.

Apparently this was the month of cheek products!  What were your favorites in August?  Link me to your posts or let me know in the comments!