Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Thursday Post

Birdy: Shelter.  This is a cover of the XX song; I like both versions - they're very different.  Her cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" is also definitely worth listening to.  She's 14!
No, nothing is really that blue in our apartment, but I was having fun with GIMP.  Wouldn't you? :D
Mama bought us a KitchenAid stand mixer when she was here!  All together now: Oooooh.  Aaaaaah.  I used to avoid recipes that involved creaming butter and sugar, or kneading bread, but no longer!  Do you have a favorite dessert recipe to share?

I saw Harry Potter, did you?  It was good, but I was a little disappointed, even though I've only read the book once when it first came out and remembered not so much of it.  I think I wanted more cool fight scenes!  Also, people in the theater cheered more when [spoiler] Bellatrix died than when Voldemort did [end spoiler].  Understandable, I guess.  Crazy b*tch.  Although, I actually really like Helena Bonham Carter.  She's quirky.

And...a bunch of other random things:
Things like this make me want long hair again.
Has anyone ever shopped here?  I've been into perfumes, lately...not sure why.
I've been reading Graveminder, by Melissa Marr.  Not bad so far, though it's been kind of slow.  Still, I like one-shot novels.
Feather Factor did an interview on Jean of Extra Petite!  Cuuute.

Okay, have a happy weekend!