Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MAC Speed Dial

I have a problem with some of MAC's names.  I'm kind of a linguaphile, and have been known to be a grammar cop.  Of course, I make tons of mistakes, too, but um, let's not go there right now.  The point is: "Cremesheen?"  Really?  What the heck?  I find this in nail polish brands, too.  "Creme" is not a word.  "Crème" is a word - a French word - but it is pronounced "crem," with the "e" as in "men."  Not "cream," like the English word with the same meaning.  So "cremestick," "cremesheen," "creme finishes..." these are meaningless.  Do you say your lipstick is "cremey?" The accents are there for a reason, people.  I saw this in French and German class all the time; people would leave out the accents, or interchange them, thinking that it didn't really matter all that much.  It does!  When I studied abroad in France, our French teachers would have fits over it - they're different! With different sounds.  It changes the word.

I guess, though, that "creme" may have evolved in the cosmetic world as a valid word.  Whatever.

Okay.  Today's mini-rant was brought to you by the letter "è."

On to Speed Dial.  It's a Cremesheen (uuggggghhh), which, I think, describes these exactly; they're creamy, but they have a slight sheen to them - almost shimmery.  They're not really moisturizing but I actually didn't find them exceedingly drying, either, which is nice.  Speed Dial is a bubblegum pink that leans cool; worn alone, it's opaque, but sometimes I sheer it out over my tinted lip conditioners (like Fuchsia Fix).
I'd say it wears a good four hours or so, which is nice, though it does tend to sink into lines after a while (but I have dry lips, in general).  It's not as creamy as the Amplified Cremes and doesn't glide on as easily as the Lustres/Glazes, but the sheen effect is rather nice.  It gives it a light, almost-frosty look.  But not too frosty; I'm not a huge fan of frosty finishes, but I like these.  With Speed Dial, the sheen is silvery, and it keeps the pink from being too "in-your-face."
No flash.
Direct sunlight (hah!  We haven't had real sun in days...summer, yeah right), no flash.
It's a great color for summer - bright and cheerful.  If you're looking for a cool, Barbie pink, this is a good one to try.
Cremesheen ingredients.
$14.50 at MAC stores or counters.