Saturday, July 9, 2011

MAC Musky Amethyst

This is the only thing from MAC's Semi-Precious collection that interested me.  I went in, tried it on, and was sold.  I also picked up Sublime Culture, which I'll be reviewing later.
Musky Amethyst is a frost finish, but I don't find it overly drying.  It's a deep berry with a bare hint of shimmer - not too harshly metallic or anything like that.
I really love the color of this!  It's a beautiful deep berry, and perfect for fall.  I've been looking for a vampy color, and this is it.
Look how pretty it is in the sunlight!  Top swatch - direct sunlight.  Bottom swatch - indirect sunlight.
It looks a bit patchy on my lips, and it doesn't apply as smoothly as, say, a glaze finish, but I'm able to even it out when I actually wear it.  It has a bit of a goldish sheen to it - very reminiscent of gemstones.  It also ends up with a slightly lustrous finish - not matte at all.  If I want a slightly less punchy look, I apply it as usual, and then blot it off for a luscious wine-colored stain.  It lasts at least three or four hours, and leaves a stain after eating and drinking.

Basically?  Love.  A great addition to my growing lipstick arsenal.