Friday, July 22, 2011

MAC Lickable

I was looking at Girl About Town and Lickable; Girl About Town is an Amplified Creme, and Lickable is a Cremesheen.  I picked up Speed Dial at the same time (another Cremesheen), so I figured I'd just go with Lickable - I buy 'em in pairs, anyway.
MAC Lickable - Cremesheen.  You can see a bit of the purple tinge in the lipstick up there.
Lickable is a bright fuchsia, which I actually really like.  I feel like it goes on slightly more smoothly than Speed Dial, but I'm not sure what the reason for that might be.  I was initially a bit apprehensive about Lickable, because when you look at the actual lipstick, you can see a lot of silver sparkles in it - I was afraid it would be too frosty, or gritty.  Not! 
I actually find that it has an interesting purple-y sheen to it in most lights; it kind of softens the fuchsia ever so slightly, and makes it more wearable.  I actually prefer this to Speed Dial (though they're very different, they are still both pink); I think the darker color gives more contrast against my skin.  This one is great for summer, too!

I feel like I'm wearing bolder colors, recently.  It's actually kind of fun.  And lipstick is easier to change up than eye makeup.  I've been falling back on the same neutral eye and just popping on some bright lipstick.  I'm sure it's just a phase and will pass.

But I am excited to rock vampy lip colors in the fall.  I never really wore lipstick before this spring, but I love the dark plums and berries, so I am ready!  #stockpiling.

Lickable is $14.50 at MAC stores or online; it's a permanent shade.  Will you grab one?  How do you feel about bold lip colors?