Monday, July 11, 2011

Dior Sérum de Rouge: 850 Red Serum

I wasn't deliberately looking for such an expensive red, but there you go.  I was at the Dior counter, ogling at Tuxedo, and reminded myself that I was looking for THE PERFECT RED, and wasn't this Dior, and didn't they do red?  (Cue story time!)
Comes in a pen.  There are explicit directions on the box - 2 clicks per use.
The SA saw my interest in the Sérum de Rouges, and when I mentioned that I was looking for RED (don't you feel like it's all capital when you say it?  "I want RED."  I feel self-conscious when I do it - it's kind of like getting caught entering the Victoria's Secret fitting room with bright red, sexy lingerie.  By say, your mom.  Eep!) she whipped this out and said, "Do you want to give it a try?" and I just sort of blinked at her, and next thing you know, she was going at me with a lip brush.  That's one thing that always makes me nervous - asking to try on a lip color.  You never know what kind of SA you're going to have: the pushy ones who need to put it on you and make it all perfect and try to buff out your lip lines and then apply five products before actually getting to the one color you asked for, or the indifferent ones who dunk the lipstick in a glass of alcohol and then hand it lazily to you, or the inept ones who try to apply it to your lips, but end up getting it all over your face instead...sigh.  So scary!  It's like roulette. 

Quilted design on the pen.  I think it's easy enough to apply, though I can understand that some people may prefer the firmness of a traditional lipstick bullet.

When she was done, she said, "Ooh, yeah, this is hot on you," and I was like, "?" and I picked up the mirror and looked at it for a second, and looked over at S., who gave me the thumbs up.  Maybe just one thumb up?  I don't remember.  So, $$$ later, in my bag it went, along with Tuxedo (they didn't have Blue Denim yet, or that would've come along too :P)

So, is this the perfect red?  Well, yes, and no.  It's not as blue-based as I wanted - it definitely pulls more coral on my lips - but it is gorgeous.  I wore it around for the rest of the day (feeling very self-conscious all the while), but as the day wore on, I grew more and more convinced that it wasn't actually red.  It seemed more orangey coral to me.  So I was all ready to exchange it for RED, but we had already left the mall.  I sulked about it a bit (yeah, I'm mature like that, haha, although I was more annoyed by the color changing that seemed to occur as the day wore on, than anything else), and I tried to look at it in all sorts of lighting.

After a while, S. said, "You really don't like it?  Even if it's not quite the red you wanted, I still think it's very you.  I like it."  I stopped and looked at him.  "Oh yeah?"  At which point I gave up sulking, and just decided to keep the damn thing.  It is bright, and beautiful, and luxurious, and really, isn't that what we want from THE RED?

Anyway.  The Sérum de Rouge formula is slippery and glossy - not like your average lipstick - though it survived a drink (sipped through a straw).  It wasn't drying at all; my lips didn't feel or look parched by the end of the day, which was very nice (I have dry lips, in general).  However, this is not one of your hard-core, stay-all-day varieties; I probably wore this for three or four hours, maximum.  After that, I wiped it off (I wanted to try on my MAC Hot Tahiti to compare them and decide if they were different enough on my lips - they are), but it was starting to fade, anyway.  I wore it through a meal on another day - the gloss disappears, naturally, but you are left with a red stain, which is nice.  When first applied, the color can be a bit patchy/uneven, and I may try a lip liner underneath to see if I can get it to be neater that way.  It may also last longer on the lips that way, but I'm not sure - I'm a lip liner virgin, actually.

If you want another review on the formula, you can see Temptalia's here.  Her main issue with the line is that you don't get a whole lot of product for your money.  This is a valid concern, but I don't wear lipstick every day,'s not so much of a problem for me.  I am still on the lookout for a blue-based red, though.

$32 for 0.07 oz, at Dior counters. There is also a 840 Crimson Serum, which may be more blue-based, for all you cooler-toned ladies out there.