Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics Part I: Overview

Darling Girl is an indie darling amongst many bloggers, and I've seen tons of great reviews on their products - especially their lip products.  I'm not big on lip glosses and lip products, usually, but curiosity got the best of me, and I spent some time browsing their ecrater store.  Then the owner, Susan, came out with more lip glosses and things, and I totally had to try something.  I ended up with an eclectic sampling of goodies:

Raining Blood (holo-gloss), $4.25
Boy Toy (Kiss Me tinted lip balm, from the Naughty & Nice collection), $4.50
Glitter Glue, $6.75
Raspberry Smoothie (Sugar Lips Sugar Scrub), $4.25

I figured it would be a good sampling of the company - a few lip items, a few eye items, and the GWP of the week was a fun coral blush (Charming Coral).  With shipping ($3.00), the total came to $22.75. 

The website is on the ecrater platform, and initially a little confusing to navigate, but once you locate and click on the "categories" button in the top right corner, you're golden.  The products are split into the appropriate categories (eyes, lips, face, etc.), and there are tons of things!  All of the product pages have a photo of the product; most - but not all - of them also have swatches.  There is also a description of the color, a list of ingredients, and a comment on the type of packaging the product comes in.  It is a pretty thorough type of product page, which I like.

The estimated turn around time was 10-12 business days at the time of purchase.  I ordered on June 28th, and received a shipping notice and tracking number with USPS on July 6th; my package arrived on July 8th.  Pretty fast!  The order came in a bubble mailer, and most of the items were individually packaged; I received everything I ordered, plus the GWP (blush) and two eye shadow samples: Hades, and Chantilly.  An invoice was also included, with a handwritten thank-you, along with two business cards and a Darling Girl sticker.
I'll review these in two separate posts: the lip gloss + tinted lip balm + lip scrub (part II), and the Glitter Glue (III).  I will prolly also swatch the GWP blush, but I don't think it will have its own post.

In short: Susan seems very sincere and dedicated to her customers, and she offers a wide range of cosmetics.  Shipping was handled well, and I always appreciate GWP and complimentary samples.  The prices are fair for an indie company, and the turn around time isn't ridiculous.  A good experience so far!

Have you purchased from Darling Girl Cosmetics before?  What are your favorite products?