Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Awards!

Vijiis of Fierce Nerditude tagged me for both of these!  Thanks, dear :)

I have one more tag that I'm supposed to do, and I'm working on that one, too.  I'm also backlogged in reviews/swatches...family was in town last week, and I didn't have any time to take/edit photos.  Soon, I promise!

On to the award questions.

Name your favourite color: I'm one of those lame people who don't have one.  There are colors that I don't like, but mostly, it depends on my mood.

Name your favorite song: I have a lot - I usually have music on, whenever, wherever, and I also like to dance.  Currently favorites: Set Fire to the Rain, Adele.  The Nicest Thing, Kate Nash.  Monster, Kanye West feat. Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj.  When I'm Small, Phantogram.  Skin, Rihanna.  Closer, Kings of Leon.  Sound Check (Gravity), Gorillaz.  Heavy in Your Arms, Florence + the Machine.  Bright Lights, Bigger City, Cee Lo Green.  Colors, Amos Lee feat. Norah Jones.  There, that's ten, at least - should give you an idea of the wide variety of musical genres I listen to!

Name your favorite dessert: Ice cream - not chocolate.  And pie.  And cheesecake.  I like dessert. 

What is pissing you off? Right now?  (warning: rant ahead) We're getting married next year, and we want a small, small wedding: > 40 people.  We're paying for it, because we don't expect our parents to pay for our wedding - they're not responsible for us any more, we're old enough and we make a living.  However, everyone else (parents and family members on both sides) is trying to insist that we need to have a bigger wedding - for a variety of reasons - and offering to pony up money, as well.  We appreciate the thought, but it's our wedding; why can't we do what we want?  I'm not trying to exclude people, or be mean about it.  The smaller the celebration, the more time we get to spend with the people who do come, and the easier everything will be to plan and handle.  We're also holding it here, in Seattle, when my family comes from HI and his family comes from PA - everyone would have to fly out here; I don't even know if people realize how expensive it would be for them to come out here.  Plus, even if we made more money, I wouldn't want to spend it on a wedding.  It'd be better served gathering interest or being put toward a house/condo down payment.  We are trying to be responsible and take care of ourselves - why can't everyone else just understand and respect that?  We are not budging, but I have no idea how many people are going to be upset over this.  Right now, I don't care.  There's enough to worry about. 

When you're upset, you... say nothing, and become even more sarcastic when pressed to talk. 

Your favorite pet: I like birds and dogs, although we can't afford either at the moment (and don't have the time to train one, either).

Black or White? Black. 

Your biggest fear is...: not accomplishing anything important in my life. 

Your best feature is...: Um.  Are we talking physical?  I'll pretend not.  I have a sense of humor and I usually don't take things too seriously.  I also don't linger on regrets.  

Everyday attitude: Easygoing, for the most part.

What is perfection? A hot cup of tea, a good book, and someone warm to sit next to on a cloudy day.

Guilty pleasure: Gummy candy.  Trashy vampire novels (and no, I'm not talking about that weird glittery guy).  Frou frou coffee drinks.  Huge, huge breakfasts (I'm talking eggs + corned beef hash + pancakes + hash browns + juice + coffee) on weekend mornings.  (Um.  Apparently I like food.)  Indulging in high-end makeup (obviously!).  Collecting boots.

Okay!  I tag, in random order:

Ki of Ki and Makeup
Makeup Morsels
Laura of Laura's Lacquers
Erin of The Cheap Chick
Vonnie of Socialite Dreams

Okay!  Go forth and do your tag, ladies :)  (I mean, only if you want to.  No pressure!)