Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Handful of ARC Samples!

[Update: 12.12.11

ARC has gone through a lot of issues lately, it seems - I've seen a lot of posting on their Facebook page about unresolved/outstanding orders.  It seems that ownership has changed hands, but the company is still not back in operation (it appears they are trying to sort out any outstanding orders and making sure everyone either has product or a refund, which is admirable). I still enjoy the shadows that I have, but I can't in good conscience recommend a company that's not really functioning as a proper business at the moment. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.]

This time I picked up seven samples, again in jars (for an extra $0.50 each, during the sale; their regular price is $0.59 each): Dusty Rose, Chocolate Rose, Liaisons, Gangrene, la Fontaine, Musket, Revolution.  I bought them during the 15% off sale, and technically I wasn't supposed to, but I decided to call it part of July's Three Strikes instead.  I figured, by the time it got here, it was going to be July, really, and the total was so minimal ($10.48, including $2.50 for shipping) that I didn't even hesitate.  (confession: it arrived way before July, but um...shhhh.)
The two different types of labels for eye shadow jars.
My first review of ARC is here.  I love their shadows, and the owner, Racheal, is so sweet.  I have to mention that for some of these, the swatches on the store site are a little inaccurate; for example, I initially had no intention of ordering la Fontaine, because the swatch and photos made it look blue.  It is, however, a gorgeous silver, and Racheal said that they were trying to get better swatches to show more true-to-life colors.  I'm also going to try to update the swatches in my original post, because they seem kind of muddy, and these colors are actually really vibrant and beautiful.  All of my swatches are dry, without primer.  I usually swipe some shadow on, with a brush, and then pat over it.  Click for larger.
The grays are first!  I felt like I didn't have enough gray/silver/black.  So I got some more.  I wish all problems were this easy to solve!
La Fontaine: Beautiful, shimmery silver with silver sparkles.
Revolution: Matte black base with red sparkles; this one is a little chalky, but gets better over primer
Musket: Gunmetal gray, shimmery and beautiful.
Chocolate Rose looks orange on my arm...sigh.
Gangrene: Lime green, with sparkles.
Liaisons: bright fuchsia with blue sheen
Dusty Rose: shimmery peach with gold sparkle; I can never get enough of peachy shades like this.
Chocolate Rose: Warm, rosy, matte brown - pulls orangey on my skin.

And with flash!

These are soft and easy to blend, and stay put all day over primer.  I really think the samples in jars are great deals, too - it's a lot of product, but not overwhelming, so if you are an eye shadow fiend like I am and want new colors that you will never use up, that's the way to go.
To give you a better idea of how much is in a "sample," here's a shot of the jars.  And look how pretty Liaisons is!
(Btw, how is the new layout, with the super huge pictures? o_O)