Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoya Faye

Zoya Faye has a plummy base with tons of coppery-gold microglitter - kind of foil-y.  It's really, really lovely, though I don't know how "summer-y" it really is (how many words can I add -y to?).  But I find it a nice, go-to color - it's not something I get tired of very quickly, and the peachy-gold shimmer is so beautiful.  The formula is also fantastic; it's really thin and so easy to apply.  And since the coats are thin, it dries reasonably fast.  I get about a week's wear with Zoya polishes, with very minor tip wear (using Zoya's Color Lock system, though).  I wore two coats, plus base and top coats.  It was still a bit sheer, so for full opacity, I would suggest three coats, though two satisfied me.
Indirect sunlight, no flash. 
Direct sunlight, no flash.  You can kind of see the visible nail line (VNL) under two coats, but it didn't really bother me.  If that kind of thing irks you, though, use three.
This was one of the 2011 summer collection colors (I also picked up Breezi, Riva, and Kimmy).  This one may be my favorite, and I kept thinking that there totally needs to be an eyeshadow this color!  Do you know of one?  If you do, point me in that direction, please!  I did an eye look inspired by Faye, but I think it'd be lovely to have a plum-colored eye shadow with tons of coppery-gold sparkles.