Monday, June 13, 2011

Zoya Casey: Is It Worth It?

I fail at summer.  I want neutrals and dark shades, haha, instead of the brights that everyone else is rocking!  Oh well.  Maybe some of you aren't feeling brights at the moment, either?

Zoya Casey is a gorgeous dark, dark purple - a rich wine/maroon color, in some lighting.  However, it is one of the worst Zoya formulas that I own, and it's extremely annoying to work with.  My bottle is kind of gloopy; one coat is extremely patchy and streaky, and you really need three for a decent color and opacity level.  I also experienced a lot of dragging with each coat - very annoying!
It doesn't always look this brown.  It usually has a plummy tinge.
But the color is so very pretty; it's dark, but with a jelly quality, like real blackberry jam or something - you know, dark in the jar, but you can see parts that are more translucent, more purple.
I'm not sure what it is with this polish, but smudges and smears and what not from daily activities show up very clearly.  I used the same Zoya top coat I always use, but the nail surface gets so cloudy throughout the day.  Yuck.
Formula issues aside - I really love the color.  It's perfect and vampy, and slightly different from your usual black.  I know that it may not be what you would expect to see in the summer.  However, I figure if I'm going to cavort around in my romper and sandals and what not, I need to be grounded somehow, right?  This is just the right touch of sophistication, I think.  And well, dark, dark polishes have a special place in my heart, anyway.  I just wish this one was easier to work with; I'm not sure if all this vampy deliciousness is worth the annoying formula!  Do you put up with finicky formulas because you love the color?

And, to brighten your Monday, watch this.  I've never played Angry Birds, but I understand the appeal.