Friday, June 17, 2011

Zoya Breezi + Glitterfest!

Look, I don't fail at summer after all!  Zoya Breezi is from one of Zoya's Summer 2011 collections, and is a dusty teal blue.  I had a vision of Breezi with lots of glitter over it, so that's what I went and did.  I stuck to one coat of Breezi, because I put on one coat of Sinful Colors Smoking Hot (iridescent glitter) and then one coat of Cover Girl Disco Dazzle, in addition to a Zoya base coat and top coat.

Breezi's formula is a dream - just loose enough to apply easily and smoothly.  I think you would get complete opacity in two coats.

Smoking Hot was a bit thick, but still easy to work with.  Once applied over Breezi, my nails appeared a bit matte and a little gritty.

After Disco Dazzle (also a very nice, easy to use formula - but clear, suspended glitter formulas are usually pretty fool-proof), I had the glitterfest I was going for.
In sunlight, with top coat.
Here's a shot blurred, to emphasize the sparkle.
I think Breezi would be fun by itself too, and the formula is easy to work with, so it'd be easy to throw on for a quick, fun manicure :)  Have a great weekend!