Monday, June 6, 2011

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #3

Accents of color can really make an otherwise monochromatic outfit pop!
Sorry for the bad lighting; I had to stay inside so I could use the kitchen counter and the camera's timer - S. is busy writing a paper.
I have a love-hate relationship with this dress; love, because I adore the cut and the pattern and the lightweight, breezy, soft material.  Hate, because it's too big - I don't have much to keep it up, if you know what I mean - and it constantly slips down.  It's a cheap buy from American Eagle (I think I got in on sale a few years ago) but I've only worn it once or twice because of this.  Anyone have an idea of how to keep the bust part from slipping down?  No expensive alterations, please - it'd be more costly than the dress itself!
Anyway.  White, gray, black dress + pops of red and coral = fun and summery.  The straw braiding on the sandals and the brown handle of my Longchamp bag integrates well, keeping things a little more casual.  My sandals are red, my bag is a reddish coral, and I wore bright red earrings.  My makeup was mostly neutral (nude eyes with black winged liner, soft coral lips), with another pop of color (MAC's Frankly Scarlet blush).  I could really have used a statement necklace (or bigger earrings, since I actually really don't like necklaces) to interfere with all the blank space at the top of the strapless dress, but I didn't have anything like that.

In the past, I prolly would have opted for black/white sandals, black earrings, a black/white purse - that is, keeping with the dress' color scheme rather than picking a contrasting color.  It's not to say that that method is wrong; both are good, just different.