Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Thursday Post

Lykke Li: I Follow Rivers.  I'm not a fan of all of her songs - some of them are too obscure and don't move me - but I really like this one.  It's hypnotic.

Some fun things around the web:
- Unstitched shows a beautiful underwater restaurant!  So cool!
- I wish I had my own house, instead of a rented apartment (someday!), so I could decorate it in clean and fresh colors, and big open spaces...le sigh, right?  I love The Diversion Project's posts, and this one is one of my favorites.  Love the bar counter in the kitchen, especially.
- Want.  Want want want want want.

Alex Puccio: The Centaur.  This isn't more music; it's something different.  Alex Puccio is one of the best female climbers in the world at the moment.  If you were ever curious about rock climbing, watch her here!  I love to watch female climbers, especially; it's so empowering to see how strong and self-assured they are, and shows that women can do just about anything.  For the curious: the name of the first problem is "The Centaur," V12 is the rating (how hard the problem is), and this style of climbing (free, no ropes) is called "bouldering." She goes through a couple in this video.  Climbing is so satisfying, and all you really need is a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag.  If you're going outdoors, you'll need a crash pad and some friends - spotters, you know? 

I made strawberry rhubarb cobbler.  It was delicious - sweet and tart and biscuit-y.  Ripe berries are one of the best things about summer!

Tomorrow we're headed over to a friend's for a wine-tasting party, and then on Saturday night we're headed to a coworker's house for group dinner ("group" as in a lab group...yeah.  I'm a scientist.  We're cool like that.)  What are your weekend plans?  Don't forget - weekends really begin on Friday nights!