Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Thursday Post

Kate Nash: The Nicest Thing.  Her voice is hypnotizing.  I also love the minimalist instrumentation - just her beautiful voice, and a guitar, and a violin (I think). 

My mom and S.'s parents are flying in for the official meet&greet next week (my dad was supposed to come too, but work interfered).  I'm terrified.  His parents are lovely, my parents parents, but the idea of sitting through an entire dinner full of awkwardness does not appeal to me.  We're doing Korean BBQ, because then at least everyone can actively be cooking their food, so it's not just "sit and twiddle thumbs while we wait for our meals to be served."  Still.  I could think of a million things I'd rather be doing.  I'm sure neither set of parents is looking forward to it either (and neither is S.), but you know, that's not comforting.  Five people who would all rather be somewhere else = not good times.  Also, I honestly don't think S.'s parents have ever had Korean food before - S. definitely never had it until he started dating me.  He agreed to this, though (he actually thought it was a great idea), which I take as permission to blame him if all things go awry.  Great start to this whole getting married thing, right? :D  Teamwork!

A England polishes are getting a lot of love in the blogosphere (you know, I really hate that word - new word, please!  Something to happily sum up the and I'm really, really tempted.  Especially after seeing these gorgeous swatches on Ommorphia Beauty Bar.  They're offering free international shipping, too, until the 15th. I'm trying to be a good girl, and refrain from purchasing any.  I'll just pout about it instead.  :D

MAC's Semi-Precious Collection is supposed to hit stores today.  I'm going to go down to a store to swatch the lipsticks - I want Musky Amethyst, and  I also want to look at some permanent lipsticks (Impassioned, Speed Dial, Shag), so there may be a lot of lipstick swatches coming your way.  In the mean time, I must wrestle with the prospect of lipstick purchases and my three strikes MAC lipsticks count as single items?  Hm.  I also need a lipliner - I'm thinking Summer Fruit or Naked.  Do you prefer the pencil or the cremestick thingee?

I splurged.

This is so cool.  The same four women (all sisters), captured in an annual photograph for 30 years.

How's your week going?  What kind of things are you planning on buying?  Any fabulous new acquisitions?