Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Thursday Post

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I know Numb3rs has been over for a while now (it still makes me sad deep inside, haha) but I'm still a fan; I have seasons 1 - 5 on DVD (we watched six through Netflix) and lately the boy and I have been rewatching them, starting from season one.  They're all up for instant streaming on Netflix too.  I just love the entire cast; they all have such a great camaraderie throughout the series, and their characters in the show seem to be inherently good people - you know, people you'd want to have in your life.  Plus I love me some good geekery, and this show is it. 

Augustana: Sweet and Low.  I heart Augustana - sexy, low-key, easy rock.  Or whatever this genre of music is called - I can't keep up with all of the shifting genres.  I find their songs lovely, though, and not as generic as some other similar bands.  Another favorite?  Stars and Boulevards.

I saw Spark de Triomphe on Fashion Polish, and immediately fell in love.  Also on the wishlist?  Midnight Mambo, Sparkle Me Silver, and the new Blasted Nail Colors (Sephora by OPI).  Um, yeah, I'm into glitter polishes lately.  And while I'm a little tired of seeing crackle polishes everywhere, I do want to own a bottle.  Just so I can try it for myself.

Spoiler: I bought purple lipstick.  See it tomorrow.  I promise.

Also, I've stopped using under eye concealer for a while.  I got tired of the cakey, settle-into-every-single-line look; I think that made everything so much worse than the original panda look.  I'm just using eye cream and carefully blending in my Dior tinted moisturizer into the area, and otherwise learning to live with it.  Pandas are cute, right?
How's your week been?  Let me know in the comments :)