Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Soothing Beige

"Soothing Beige?"  What the heck does that even mean?
Okay, mini-rant aside, I do love this color.  I like MAC's lip conditioners (see my review of Fuchsia Fix here) because they seem to be the only product that keeps my lips moisturized - not dry and flaky, which is apparently the normal state of my lips.  Yes, it comes in a pot, but after going through so many other duds (in both high-end and drugstore brands), I'm willing to tolerate that.  These are also the only makeup product I always carry around.
I was looking for a brown, nude sort of color.  This looks muddy and chocolate-colored in the pot, but on my lips, it's just kind of glossy and natural looking.  Fuchsia Fix imparts the same sort of healthy shine, but it is decidedly brighter and more pink than my natural lip color, whereas this is much more natural, and coordinates better with my bronzy looks this summer.
I've had fun dabbing bits of Shiro Cosmetics Triforce on top, too, for a bit of gold shimmer and shine.
Shimmery, shimmery!
Love!  I'm not gonna lie; I will prolly have all four of MAC's permanent, potted lip conditioners at some point in the very near future.  I love them that much - and I can actually see variations in color on my lips.  If you're used to the intense pigmentation and color payoff of lipstick, then you're prolly not wowed by these, but they are also good bases under lipstick.  Also, I will add that the different colors of tinted conditioners may not be strong enough to stand out on their own, but they contribute different flavors to your overall look, if that makes any sense.  For example, if you have peachy gold eye shadow and peachy gold blush, you prolly don't want fuchsia pink tinted lips.  They just don't suit.  This browny, understated tint is a much better match for that eye and cheek combo.  Even if I'm the only person who would notice this kind of inconsistency in my own face, it would still bug me, so I like to avoid those kinds of things.  Peace of mind you know?  Haha.

MAC's tinted lip conditioners are $14.50 for 0.5 fl oz; I still haven't made a noticeable dent in my Fuchsia Fix pot and I've used it nearly every day since I bought it, so I think I can safely say that these will last you a long time.  They are rated SPF 15 and are vanilla scented and unflavored.  I like vanilla :D