Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Essie Tart Deco

I only own two Essie polishes: Tart Deco and Mint Candy Apple.  I bought them during one of Ulta's sales quite some time ago.  I haven't been in a rush to acquire any more of them, because I find the formulas a bit runny and fickle, they generally have a strong odor, and I can usually find similar colors in other lines.  But, I do love the two colors that I do have.
Here is Tart Deco - a beautiful, punchy coral cream - kind of like MAC's Vegas Volt lipstick for nails.  It requires three coats for full opacity; the formula is a little more watery than I'm used to, though it does seem to dry fairly quickly.  Because of that, I did experience some dragging, but with some patience, I was able to finish up a tolerably even manicure.  On its own, it also has a high shine factor, which is nice - I've gotten so many compliments on this color, because of its vibrancy and shine.

Both of these photos are of one coat of Zoya Ridge-filling base coat, three coats of Tart Deco, and a final coat of Zoya Armor (click for larger).  Perfect for summer, no?
In sunlight, with flash, so you can see how bright it is!  Please ignore the fingerprint on my index finger.  I'm not sure how it got there, and it's not there anymore :P
Sunlight, no flash.  Still bright.
I love coral, so I'll definitely be wearing this one again and again.  I love how it seems almost neon bright under some lighting conditions, and yet can be an almost demure pastel in others.  Very fun.  Yay for summer!