Friday, June 3, 2011

EOTD: Sunny Day

Um, I can't come up with EOTD titles.  I just can't.  My initial feeling is to just list the colors used, but sometimes that gets excessive.  Example: "EOTD: blue red purple orangegreenyellowahhhhh." So then I feel like I need to have some sort of themed name to succinctly describe the look,  I fail.

However, Sunny Day is a Pokemon move, and I used Shiro Cosmetics eye shadows, so...there.* 
Yeah, apparently I Feel Fantastic looks orange in photos ???  It's yellow in real life!
And my eyes are crooked.  One opens bigger than the other!  Haha.  o_O Squinty eye face!
Urban Decay primer potion in Greed
Shiro Cosmetics Likelike (pearly white), I Feel Fantastic (bright, shimmery yellow), Acid (lime green with green glitter)
Benefit Magic Ink (black liquid liner)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye liner in Mildew (olive green pencil liner)
Smashbox Layer Lash Primer + Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes (primer + mascara)
The look was completed with Dior Aurora powder (lightly brushed all over my face, and more heavily concentrated on my cheeks) and MAC lipstick in Syrup.

*Just a note: I know that I don't necessarily feel the need to go out and get the exact products used in a XOTD (X = E, F, N, etc.); I just try to match the colors, or even just keep the general layout and motif of the style, and change the colors if I feel like it.  I can also understand that maybe you don't have these Shiro Cosmetics colors, or aren't interested in Indie makeup, so I try to emphasize the color more than the specific product.  You can find similar colors - maybe not with the exact nuances that these have, but the emphasis is on the general color here - in other brand's lineups.  I do love Shiro's eye shadows - they're gorgeous, and have amazing staying power (though I only wear them over primer).  I'll also prolly be doing a lot of looks with them, since I've bought so many of them that I can't justify buying any more eye shadow for a while.  However, pick your poison - many companies offer a wide range of colors, and you can follow along in whatever brand you want.  :)  If you want to read my review of Shiro Cosmetics, you can find it here.