Sunday, June 12, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics

[Update: 12.12.11

ARC has gone through a lot of issues lately, it seems - I've seen a lot of posting on their Facebook page about unresolved/outstanding orders.  It seems that ownership has changed hands, but the company is still not back in operation (it appears they are trying to sort out any outstanding orders and making sure everyone either has product or a refund, which is admirable). I still enjoy the shadows that I have, but I can't in good conscience recommend a company that's not really functioning as a proper business at the moment. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.]

I've been hearing a lot about this company - all good things, and they were having a sale!  15% off everything - how could I say no to that?  Their eye shadow colors appealed to me, especially since some of them appeared to be quite matte, rather than the usual sparklefest I see around.  Don't get me wrong - sparklefest is generally good - but I have a lot of eye shadows, and I don't need any more that are quite similar in shade/finish.  The site is easy to navigate (they're on Artfire), with swatches for most of the shadows.  They are offered in sample or full sizes, and there are also a few collections and discount packages (and their current 15% off sale ends on June 15th, so hurry hurry!)
Look how pretty!
I purchased seven samples with jars ($0.64 for a sample of ~1 g, and an additional $0.50 for a jar, so $1.14 per color), because a sample size is a lot and I never go through the entire thing (I learned this from poking at Shiro Cosmetics' generous samples).  However, sample bags are messy and not cute, so I was really excited to learn that they had the option of buying jars for your samples!  They come packed in the jars, too, if you purchase them that way.  Having the shadows in a jar guarantees that I will use them - I really hate fussing around with the little sample bags.
Isn't it pretty?  And a little button was included with my invoice.  Cake!  Yes!
I bought Le Gateau, Le Soleil, Pomp, Masquerade, Gardens, Gouttiere, and Powdered Wigs.  There were several more that I wanted, but I was trying to keep it under $10; I've done a lot of spending recently, and I need to calm down with it.  With $2 shipping, my order total came to $9.98.  Yes!
I love the aesthetic of the company - the French Revolution era is one of my favorite historical periods.  My order came with two business cards and a sample of "Patina."
I ordered on a Thursday, and they ship every Tuesday.  My order got here the following Friday, which isn't bad.  I do prefer companies that ship on multiple days, but waiting is good for me, haha.  I received a notice as soon as it shipped, as well as a USPS tracking number.  Very nice!  Everything came in a bubble mailer, packaged tightly, and all of the individual jars were shrink-wrapped.  They weren't perforated, but I have a tiny pocket knife that did the job neatly.  One of the jars (Le Soleil) was loose and as soon as the shrink wrap came off, lots of yellow spilled out.  I'm not exactly sure what happened, because the jars also contain sealed sifters, and the sifter was in place, and the seal was in tact.  Weird.
Isn't the label fantastic?  All of my jars came with ingredients labels on the bottom, and the brand label on the top.
Okay, now, down to the swatches!  I ordered yellows, interesting greens, white, and an interesting "pumpkin" color.  These are some of my favorite eye shadow colors, but they were also shades that I didn't really have.  Going for variety just for variety's sake is sometimes dangerous, though; there are occasions when I really want to own a color because of its unique nuances, but I know it won't look good on me...such a dilemma!  Haha.  I had fears that Pomp would be one of those, but it's not.  "Pumpkin" is definitely the right description for it, but even against my skin tone, it works - it's not too burnt orange or rusty.  Click the picture for a larger version.
L-R: Powdered Wigs, Pomp, Le Soleil, Le Gateau, Gardens, Masquerade, Gouttiere
All swatched dry, no primer.  Sorry about the bad light...there was
no sun today.  At all.
Powdered Wigs is white, subtly shimmery, but more matte in appearance.
Pomp is a pumpkin orange with sparkles.
Le Soleil is a true yellow with sparkles.
Le Gateau is an off-white, creamy color; it has a pearl-like base.  It's a nice bone color.
Gardens is a moss green; it looks awful on me, but it's a pretty color in theory, haha.  It has a blue sheen in the jar that doesn't show up at all on my skin.  I hemmed and hawed over this one, because I suspected the olive tones of my skin would ruin this one; I should've stuck with my initial feeling.  Oh well!
Masquerade is a sea-green with beautiful green sparkles.
Gouttiere is a dark teal-green with lots of gold sparkles.  Very, very gorgeous.
Here's a picture of the shadows in jars, so you can get a better idea of the colors.  These are sample sizes - very generous sample sizes!
The texture of these shadows was impressive - very smooth and it didn't take very much product at all to get a nice swatch.  Gardens was the sheerest, I think, but it can be built up.  I know these kinds of shadows can't quite be matte, but they're very close - more of a satiny, opaque finish rather than a sheer wash of sparkle and shimmer.  They're interesting, and different from some of the other colors I have.  The packaging is excellent, and these are sample sizes - they'll last me forever!  I love the option of having these packed in jars, too, even with the extra cost.  I wore Le Gateau and Le Soleil yesterday; over primer, they applied beautifully with minimal fallout, and stayed put all day (though I did notice that Le Soleil had lost some of its vibrancy toward the end of the day).  I never wear shadows without primer, so I can't comment on that.

So, would I purchase from ARC again?  Yes.  I've noticed that a lot of their colors do tend to be warm, and I usually lean toward cool-toned shadows (even though I have warm-toned's just what I find works best for me.), so I would like to see a little more variety in their shades.  However, they are a fairly new company, so I'm sure they have a lot of new colors coming up!  Like I mentioned, the finishes of their shadows is also different from a lot of other indie companies that I've seen, which I also like.  I have nothing to complain about, with regards to my experience with the company.  Go check them out!

(For those counting, this order, since it's composed of extremely budget-friendly samples, counted all together as one item against my new "Three Strikes" policy (described here).  The second one has already been used up, as well, and a review is coming up shortly; I only have one left!  I'm still well under my spending cap, though, which is fantastic for me.  I'll do a summary post at the end of every month called "The Moment of Truth" to see if I actually stuck to my new policy.)