Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoya Kimmy, Compared To Other Shiny Reds

Zoya Kimmy comes from one of Zoya's summer 2011 collections.  I bought both Kimmy and Reva (review and swatches here), even though they are both red microglitter-type polishes.  I dug out Zoya Mieko, too, to see how they all compared (while guiltily thinking, how many red glitter polishes do I need?), and you know - they're all pretty different.
They all look pretty similar in the bottle, no?
When you look at them from the side, with no label obscuring the polishes (and more direct sunlight), you can begin to see the differences.  Sorry, I switched the order around on you!  I'm tricky like that.
If you think about them like fruit, Reva is raspberry (blue-red), Kimmy is strawberry (warm-red), and Mieko would be watermelon (more pink, and cool).  They all have microglitter; Reva and Kimmy both have gold and red glitter specks, while Mieko (I think), seems to have just a lot of gold.
Swatched on a nail plate; direct sunlight.
I decided to wear Kimmy, since I have worn Reva already (and loved it).
Natural light.  Warm-toned red, very pretty!
I also have Kimmy on my toes (one of the rare times I have the same color on my fingers and toes!) and I like it better there; on my fingers, I think I prefer the cooler Reva.  Though of course, Kimmy is still very pretty, and fun to look at (ooooh, sparkly!).  I've worn Mieko on my fingers before and it's not my favorite; I think I was hoping for a more Reva color when I bought it, and it's definitely more pink.  I've been thinking lately about how many shades in one color family a person really needs - shouldn't one glittery red be enough?  Evidently not.

Do you buy multiple variations of a shade - when is enough, enough?