Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #2

Chambray is stylin'!  (Or, give all types of materials a chance, even ones you would typically have avoided, like chambray).

Here's one of the clothing items I bought at Target a few weeks ago: Merona Petites Shirtdress - Gray Chambray (at Target here), for $17.48 (it's even cheaper now - $12.48!). I bought it in a small, and the tie right below the chest helps give it more shape.  It's a very comfortable material, and so budget-friendly!  One of my new favorites.
dress: Target
purse: Jessica Simpson*
black leggings: American Eagle
boots: DKNY

*Don't judge me!  There's a story!  We had gone to Pennsylvania for the holidays, and I realized that I had forgotten to pack a purse.  I couldn't find anything I liked in any of the department stores, so when I saw this at TJ Maxx, I scooped it up.  It's actually pretty cute, and usually keep the "JS" logo on the tag flipped around, haha.  It also doesn't look like cheap material, and is sturdy and has a good number of pockets. 

Here's the bag close up, as well as some of the accessories I wore.

sunglasses: Oakley Beckon
bracelet: Swarovski "Lucky You" Montana Ball (see here), gifted by S.
earrings: ??? gifted by my mum
I wore this to go shopping yesterday, on Memorial Day - there were some great sales!  Of course, I was very appreciative of people who reminded me what the holiday was really about - thanking the men and women who dedicate their lives to our country.  Cheers to them, and the memories of those who have come before us.