Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Thursday Post

Nostalgia 77 feat. Alice Russell: Seven Nation Army cover.  I enjoy good covers, because it's always interesting to hear how different groups can change a song.  I like this version - it's feisty.

Also, I've been venturing into the realm of EOTDs lately, though I feel like all of my attempts are so sub-par.  I'm usually pretty happy with my eye makeup in general, but I have never tried to capture it in pictures before, and that is proving to be quite difficult.  My eyes are not photogenic!  And so many other bloggers are much better at it, haha. This tutorial from Keiko Lynn is gorgeous, and I need to try it. 

Please make this cake, and then invite me over.  Thanks.  Mmm, strawberries.  Mmm, cream.  Mmm, cake.  Where can you go wrong?

S. made buffalo chicken pasta.  Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.  He used this recipe.  He made risotto last week, too, with fava beans and broccoli (Fava beans are kind of weird - high security legumes, those.  They have tough pods with fuzzy lining, and then each individual bean has its own casing that has to be removed.  What the heck?  What overly ambitious human decided that we should eat these?)  That was also delicious.  We like carbs, can you tell? :P  And I have a deep and personal love for risotto.  So.  Good.

Also, last week, I took Friday off and went shopping instead.  I picked up some Sinful Colors polishes, another MAC tinted lip conditioner (in Soothing Beige), and some cute clothes from H&M.   Expect reviews for the polishes and the lip conditioner.  I'm most excited about the new clothes, though :D  It's also been warm here, lately - can it finally be summer?

I blame Shiro Cosmetics for this, but I really wanted to play Zelda again (and Spirit Tracks just wasn't cutting it :P), so I bought Ocarina of Time on Wiiware (my brother has Master Quest at our parents' house, I think, but I wanted Ocarina of Time NOW, no time to wait on USPS :P).  I can't believe that I was in elementary school when it came out.  It's just as much fun now, and it still remains one of my favorite games.  And can you believe S. has never played it?  Or any other Zelda game, for that matter.  I know, I know, I can't believe I'm marrying this kid.

And if you're a gamer, please tell me you read Awkward Zombie.  Her comics are hilarious.  This week's is about Portal 2, and well, I've never played Portal (one or two), but most customers of Shiro Cosmetics seem to have...I'm jealous.

Have a good Friday and an even better weekend!