Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Thursday Post

Stateless: Bloodstream.  One of my favorite songs.  So sexy, so romantic - though not in a cheesy, cloying way.  I've heard it's on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack, but...I don't watch that, so I have no idea.  Just do yourself a favor and listen to it.  And then listen to it again.  And again.  And find yourself humming it in the car.  Yeeeeeah.

I made blood orange wedges, which might even be superior to lemon bars.  Almost.  Maybe.

That crust!  That creamy, tangy curd...oh yum.
And then I bought bright coral lipstick.  And wore it.  Love.  Not sure I can pull off trendy orange, though.  MAC's Morange is, um, whoa.

More fun reads:

The Burning House Project, spotlighted here (the actual website is here).  It's an intriguing premise: if your house was burning down, what would you save?  I love these sorts of things; they give you insight into a person, as well as personal perspective.  Despite all of the things I spend money on, what has the most value to me?

City of Fallen Angels, by Cassandra Clare.  Because I have a soft spot for trashy YA fiction.  To be honest, Clare's work is better than most - at least she usually as interesting plots, and not just the usual "girl falls madly in love with boy for no. good. reason." that plagues most YA fiction.  There's violence and there's snarky conversation, and these books are great personal indulgences. (*Edit* 5.25.11: I finished this, and it's...bad.  The first trilogy is way better.  Sorry!)

I love poetry.  This one, about a parent who's trying to explain love to a daughter, is fun and sweet.  (Despite the name, the blogger doesn't post a poem every day - perhaps a few times a month?  But I subscribe anyway; her choices are usually poignant and beautiful).

Okay.  My big news?  Yesterday, I passed my general exam - it's an oral presentation of a research proposal (and a submission of a written research proposal), during which your committee of four professors get to ask you all and any questions relevant to your topic of study.  This means, I advance to candidacy for my PhD!  It is a huge, huge relief.  So I'm going to enjoy my weekend - I've spent months preparing for this.  I hope you enjoy your weekend, as well!